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Qualify leads

Cold calling is simple? Yes and no. Naturally we can all pick up a telephone and work our way through a list. But that is just simply not the basis for a good sales process. What it is about is to make a good impression with the potential client during the first contact, so that we can continue with further discussions. Cold calling simple? No then. The first impression must be good because we can only do that once. That is what it is all about. How do you make firm contact with the lead so that he is prepared to give you the information that you need.

First of all, with our large network we can find out for you who that important person is within the organization/target group, and then we approach that person for you. First we look for the right DMU to speak to within the organization, people that can be important to help us internally then we start contacting them and with a very enthusiastic approach bring over our expertise and give them a good feeling about your organization. Why choose for your organization and not the competitor? This is very important. Our correct but very creative approach makes sure that we build the right contact and will act faster than anyone else.

Your sales process is with the involvement of van JS Sales Consultancy and our close cooperation not unsure anymore, but will get the status of being more successful and ready to win!

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