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Our services

Do you recognize these situations?

The services of JS Sales Consultancy is interesting for every for every sales company that wants to be successful.

There are conceivable situations where extra support is welcome:

  • Unburdening your sales team from work intensive and costly tasks is the first step of the sales process
    • Such as lead generation
  • Support when they are unsuccessful in getting their foot in the door with new companies
    • The new approach with much creativity
  • Confident of an Optimal management of your network and database
    • Monitoring and upgrading of the data from your leads and clients.
    • That is “the value of your organization”
  • Improving all aspects of market working
  • Your sales team ‘watching us work’ for example during appointments.
  • Training
    • Tuned in to the needs of every individual person to reach maximal performance.
  • Extra or temporary capacity during sickness, dismissal, campaigns
    • If all is going well then all employees are too busy and cannot take on extra work
    • We have experienced people who are quickly up and running.
  • If you  “cannot go further” or need the objective insight from an outsider
  • You want to set-up a local Dutch office in Holland?
    • We take care for the whole set-up in all details
    • Legal entity
    • Office space
    • Office Management
    • Local Sales

There are very many more situations possible where we can support you. With JS Sales Consultancy there are so many solutions to solve every conceivable problem within the sales process.

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