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Account management

Sometimes a situation can manifest itself within your sales team where at that moment you cannot proceed any further.

Taking on new employees can be time-consuming and an expensive process during which you cannot continue with what is most important for your organization, namely, the continuance of sales.

JS Sales Consultancy can jump in here and provide a temporary experienced Sales or Account Manager, therefore providing that continuity of the whole sales process, during which time you can find a long term solution.

We don’t let it happen, we make it happen


If your team is complete but ‘not running smoothly’ and you cannot find the weak point. Then with our knowledge and as an outsider we take an objective view to find the weakest points and advise you over what are sometimes the simplest solutions to get your team back on track.

As you would expect both we and our co-workers from JS Sales Consultancy consult with you every step of the way during the assignment, and with your mutual agreement to meet all your aspirations.

If it is needed we can come up with an expeditious solution.

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