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The Management of JS Sales Consultancy has more than twenty years experience in the diverse sales operations, IT industry and Business Development. Drive and passion for the trade is more a lifestyle than just a job for them. That is why they create so much inspiration from their daily work and time after time, come up with so much new potential.

Through their long experience in this business they have built an enormous network. A network that they use together, with their own network, through which there are countless possibilities at their disposal.

By making use of their expertise means increasing your chances within the sales process, but you can always apply their expertise to optimize the development within your organization, for example, to give the sales team a complete training experience. A training that is built from personal knowledge, through which your sales team can learn all the practical tricks of the trade. It will also develop their communication skills such as an insight into human nature and how to get on with people.

This last being indispensable during the sales process because with this knowledge they can quickly anticipate what is needed during the negotiations.

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