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JS Sales Consultancy

Inspired and Passionated

  • JS Sales Consultancy is leadgeneration and sales specialist in the B2B ICT-market.
  • Our employees are, highly educated, experienced, and have excellent communication skills.
  • The management has more than 20 years experience with business ICT projects and an outstanding track record.

We are driven, have the right passion for the business, your products and services.

Most organizations think that all aspects of sales are encompassed in one sales person. In practice that primarily is not the case, therefore causing holes in the total sales process. This person cannot meet expectations resulting in discontinuity in the whole organization.

One sales person may have the ability to find new leads, but finds difficulty in closing the deal. Another can be a good account manager but cannot make the first contacts. Often it is the lack of experience in the different aspects of the sales process, especially the knowledge of human characteristics. This last being of the greatest importance, when one has to assess the situation and make a Go/No Go decision.

Not wanting to lose any opportunities, many sales people nearly always choose for a Go. Which after all leads to a waste of time and money, then they come to the conclusion that is was not a good qualified lead and it is written off. Because of this there is a chance that the Sales people elect to go for a passive approach and wait for the requests to come in. That is the beginning of the end.

To give your sales people the good leads to put their time and energy into, we have chosen a method whereby we can help you, through only delivering qualified leads. We choose together with you for the active approach: The JS Sales Consultancy-approach.
That all aspects of the sales process can be supplied by one person is a Utopia.
JS Sales Consultancy can be of service to every sales organization and for every sales activity ensuring an increase in performance.
Every support is conceivable to make your sales process successful. Especially in the first steps of the sales process where you lose expensive time using your best sales people. It is wiser to outsource the first steps. We don’t deliver you just a contact; we deliver a real hot lead who is ready to discuss a sale with your sales people.

JS Sales Consultancy: the extension of your sales team in the first steps of the sales process

Because we understand how to fulfill the sales process, we offer you very experienced people with a passion for sales. And we use our experience to help our organization to be more productive and efficient in your sales cycles. Our passion is your guarantee for an enthusiastic first contact with the lead, and then we go on to build a strong relationship with them. The factor ‘human’ is our strength of power. Quick and simple solution for a very complicated sales processes.

We don’t want to be a marketeer for you, we offer you services to perform better in your sales processes and support your salesteam. We work transparent and are very explicit, every project will get a project portal with all information, status and reporting about our project.

We look forward to a very professional and successful co-operation; Speed is one of our strong points but always with long term vision and strategy.

Our concept is simple, but very effective.

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