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How it works

We begin with a preliminary presentation. You are after all, handing over an important part of your sales process and that can only work if we are sure on both sides that we click and are the right partners for each other.

Then we set up a work-shop with the group and during this work-shop we explore deep into the organization, because to perform maximally it is important to have a clear-cut picture of all aspects and problems. Sometimes we will have to delve deep into certain areas and that can be very confrontational but it is required. We both want to be successful, you with your processes and we with the completion of your commission.

We then scrutinize where the knowledge and competencies of the sales process are within your organization. Only then when we agree over the weak points and lay down the details, do we discuss all the facets of the assignment. Where do you need support and how do we match the present knowledge and competencies with our knowledge and experience, so that we can guarantee maximal success. We construct a communication design with your organization and our team, building the contacts. Then of course, what sort of report to put in progress.

We have constructed a method to help you and your Sales people only spending time and energy on the right leads, thereby helping you use only the qualified leads. We choose together with you for the Pro-Active approach: The JS Sales Consultancy Approach.

That all aspects of the sales process and all the stages can be completed by one person is thus a Utopia.

Depending on what sort of assignment and the duration of the assignment we put forward an estimation of the cost. In certain instances we invoice per hour.

The possibilties:

  • Choosing the right target/proposal
  • Screening addresses
    • From our data base
    • With addition from you own data base
  • Desktop research
  • Qualifying leads
    • 1st visit by us -> refining qualification
    • Clear reports with strategy for the approach
  • Data basemanagement
    • Continuous improvement of the information
    • With every contact we add new information
  • Monitoring
  • Account Management
    • For specific market segment
    • Interim for certain period
    • To market new products\services
  • Business Development
    • New market
    • New products
    • Fast growing business
    • Use our network to support
  • Company guidance
    • Sales analysis
    • Set up Structure
    • Reporting
    • Guidance
    • Improving Performance
    • Control

Our aim is to make your business a success and operations are therefore directed towards results. We will willingly do this in an open and conscientious manner with your team.

Don’t let it happen, make it happen!

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